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Property / SettingDescription
Light Distance (cm)The distance from the capture surface to the light source, in centimeters.
Light Zenith AngleThe angle between the light source and the capture surface vertical, in degrees.
Focal Pt. Distance (cm)The distance from the capture surface to the capture camera, in centimeters.
Lateral FOVThe field of view (FOV) of the capture camera, in degrees.

How to use


Multi-Angle to Texture

For a general workflow with the Multi-Angle to Texture node, follow these steps:

  1. Add the Multi-Angle to Texture node from the node library (you can find the node in the 'Material' category)
  2. Add the captured images in to the node graph
  3. Choose between whether you have four or eight input images
  4. Connect the images in order to the node
  5. In the property panel define whether the ordered images are rotating clockwise or anti clockwise using the direction dropdown
  6. In the property panel define where the first light source originated from using the widget or the associated dropdown list

  7. The resultant normal map is sometimes a little weak so you can adjust the normal intensity within the property panel
  8. Run the node with the execute button