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Whether it is the updater not launching, or the actual program, here are some solutions to the issue you are encountering. 


Whether it is the updater not launching, or the actual program, here are some solutions to the issue you are encountering. 


The program not launching can happen for multiple reasons. 

First, make sure that your computer meets the minimum requirements

Then, try the following fixes. 

Possible fixes

Table of Contents

Failing to launch with latest Nvidia drivers.


Error message mentions your driver may be incompatible.

  • Uninstall artengine

  •  Delete %appdata%\.artomatix folder

  •  Install artengine

Delete all related License Files


Sometimes the activation needs to be done Manually instead of Automatic to achieve connection with the server.

  • Close any Unity Editor and the Unity Hub

  • Close ArtEngine (and check no instance is running in background from the Task Manager)

  • Make sure there is


    no Unity.Licensing.Client.exe


     running from the Task Manager

  • Delete   

    Delete   %APPDATA%\.artomatix\.license (NOTE: it's a hidden file)

  • Delete   

    Delete   %APPDATA%\.artomatix\.license.alf

  • Delete ArtEngine xml license files


    from %PROGRAMDATA%\Unity\Licenses

  • Delete ArtEngine xml license files


    from %LOCALAPPDATA%\Unity\Licenses

  • Restart ArtEngine

  • Begin activation steps as usual

Update the GPU driver


Minimum GPU driver version

Our minimum driver version is 461.72 or later (for Nvidia GPUs). If you want to be able to use ArtEngine, you need to have this driver installed or a more recent one.

Some of our users have had issues when launching the build and updating the GPU drivers fixed the issues. To do so:

  1. Open up GeForce Experience (if you are using an Nvidia GPU)

  2. Navigate to the 'Drivers' tab

  3. Click 'Check for updates'

  4. Click 'Download' if an update has been found

  5. Wait for the update to be finished

  6. Launch the program again

Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2019 and above.

Make sure that you have the right C++ redistributables installed. You can download them here:

Make sure that you have admin privileges when launching the build

Some users experience issues with services not running if they are administrators. So make sure (if you can) that you have admin privileges when executing the build.

Update the Preferred Graphic Processor

  • Right Click on your desktop.

  • Click NVIDIA Control Panel.

  • Click Manage 3D Settings on the left menu.

  • Click on the Preferred graphics processor drop down menu under the Global Settings tab.

  • Select High-performance NVIDIA processor from the list.

  • Launch the application.

Re-install ArtEngine

If the above fixes still do not work, try re-installing ArtEngine. 

Still having issues running the build?

If the previously mentioned fixes do not help, please follow the following steps and contact and attach the log files (if possible) to your e-mail: 

Access the log files: 

  • To access the folder, you can paste and enter this path in the default windows explorer: %appdata%/.artomatix
    Image Modified

  • Then, in the 'Logs' folder, please send us


    the create.log and updater.log



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