What can ArtEngine do?

ArtEngine is a solution primarily made for artists working in scan-based workflows

From a high-level perspective of a texture-based photogrammetry workflow, these are the main steps: 

  1. Capture
  2. Calculation of the photos into a mesh
  3. Cleaning of the mesh
  4. Baking the mesh into PBR maps
  5. Post-processing of the materials

ArtEngine comes into play starting after the fourth step when the user has a set of PBR maps that need further processing to be used in production (seams, defects, scaling etc...).
The main aspects that we cover can be split in two ways: 

  • Scan post-processing
  • PBR map generation

Scan post-processing

If you are working with photogrammetry assets, ArtEngine can help you clean up your textures by removing faulty or blurry areas and replace unwanted features by using in-painting. Following that, ArtEngine can automatically make your materials seamless across all maps, and from there generate infinite seamless variations. 

In this area, the relevant nodes are: 

We then have a series of adjustment and transform nodes that enable you to tweak your materials even further. 

PBR maps generation

Starting from a single diffuse/colour map, ArtEngine can generate high quality normal, height, AO and roughness map.

In this area, the relevant nodes are: 

  • Material generation: users also have access to individual nodes for each PBR map type
  • Blend and blend (normal)
  • Color match
  • Up-res (old) nodes (to increase the resolution using neural networks, remove blurry areas, etc.)