Style Transfer (Beta)

The Style Transfer Beta node allows creators to re-imagine textures in whatever style they choose, allowing rapid creation of assets to be re-used for different scenarios. This is an early-stage beta node that is currently resource intensive; it’s not real-time, and it needs a lot of GPU memory to run (tested to 1024x1024 on 8GB GPUs).

The Style Transfer node requires at least a content image and a style image. 

  1. Connect content image into Content Image pin.

  2. Connect style image into Style Image pin.

  3. Execute.

If specific regions of the content image need to be retained more than others, a Content Strength map can be included. If specific regions of the style image need to be ignored, a map can be connected to the Style Ignore Map pin.

You can check out our video tutorial here.

Node Reference

Node category


Node execution style



Input Name

Input Type


Content Image


Required. An RGB or RGBA bitmap that the user wants to be re-imagined in a certain style.

Style Image


Required. An RGB or RGBA bitmap that the user wants to use as the style that will be applied to the content image.

Content Strength Map


Optional. This single-channel bitmap input allows the user to specify the strength of how much of the original content features are kept when applying the style. Useful if wanting to keep certain structural details of a foreground. This is used in conjunction with the Content Strength parameter of the node. For example, if the Content Strength parameter is set to 0.6, any areas that are white (1.0) in the content strength map apply a content strength of 0.6. Any areas that are grey (0.5 for example) apply a content strength of 0.3 to those regions.

Style Ignore Map


Optional. Single-channel bitmap input used to determine which style features in the style map are used in the style transfer. This allows the user to remove features that they might not want in the final output image.

Output Type



The output is a re-imagining of the input content image using the style from the input style image.




Content Strength

Slider that allows the user to control how much of the original content map’s features (not colours) are present in the final output. This isn’t a 0%-100% slider, but the user should expect the output image to retain most of the original content features if set all the way to 1.

Style Size Ratio

Tells the algorithm the size of the features in the style image relative to the features in the content image. For example, given two 512x512 images for content and style, a style size ratio of 0.5 will effectively make the style features appear half the size in the output.

Retain Content Color

By default, Style Transfer will always use the colours found in the style image, only retaining the general features from the content image. By enabling Retain Content Color style transfer will perform an additional step to keep the original content colours.