JPEG Artifact Removal

Original image with JPEG artifacts (left), and the same image after removing artifacts with JPEG Artifact Removal (right).


The JPEG Artifact Removal node can be used to eliminate compression artifacts commonly created by the JPEG format.

You can remove compression artifacts from an individual texture or from an entire material at once.


To use the JPEG Artifact Removal node, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new JPEG Artifact Removal node on the Node Graph. It can be found under the Remaster category in the Node Library.
  2. Connect the texture or material you want to remove artifacts from into the JPEG Artifact Removal input port.
  3. Execute the node.

Node Reference

Node categoryRemaster
Node execution styleManual


Input NameDescription
Bitmap / MaterialThe original texture or material from which the node removes JPEG artifacts.
Output TypeDescription
Bitmap / Material

The modified texture or material, depending on the input type.


Input Type / Output Type

Choose between Bitmap and Material to determine what type of input the node works with. The Input Type is always the same as the Output Type.