Mutation node

On this page, you will find tutorials on using the Mutation node, including the basic workflow, and overview of the node parameters, using Ignore masks, and using Structure Guides.

Basic usage

Get familiar with the basic functionality of the Mutation node.

The example demonstrates how to grow a texture to a larger resolution using Mutation and with seam removal built-in, without breaking texel density.

Modifying Seam Borders

This video covers using the Seam Borders parameter in the Mutation node to change the seam removal behaviour during Mutation.

Using the Ignore mask and Mutation Revision

Learn how to use the Ignore mask in the Mutation node to eliminate specific elements from the input image.

The video also demonstrates the usage of the Mutation Revision (old) node to further eliminate repetition from the output.

Mutation parameters

Learn more about the different parameters in the Mutation node, and how they affect the output result.

Using Structure Guides

Learn about using Structure Guides with Mutation, which allows you to preserve the structural integrity of your input image.