High Pass

Node Location: Adjustment

Summary Description:

Isolates the high-frequency details in an image. Often combined with a blend operation to as a way of sharpening an image, i.e. accentuating the image’s high-frequency content.



  • Input image to be filtered


  • Radius: adjusts what details the filter will isolate - smaller values mean only finer details get through, bigger values let more low-frequency content through.

  • Contrast: applies a contrast enhancement to the output, useful for further accentuating fine details after filtering.

How to Use High Pass

 Step by step guide
  1. Connect the input image to a High Pass node and adjust it to isolate the details you want to enhance.
  2. Add a blend node to the graph.
  3. Connect the input image to the “Foreground” pin of the Blend node.
  4. Connect the output of the High Pass node to the “Background” pin of the Blend node.
  5. With the Blend node selected, in the properties panel, set “Blend Mode” to “Overlay”.
  6. The output of the Blend node will display a sharpened version of the original image.

UX/UI Example Interaction: