Auto Levels

Original input (left) compared with the output of Auto Levels (right).


The Auto Levels node stretches the contrast and brightness range of an image, depending on the intensity of the majority of pixels in it.


To use Auto Levels:

  1. Import an image you want to adjust and place it on the Node Graph. Alternatively, use the output of another node.
  2. Create an Auto Levels node on the Node Graph. It can be found in the Adjustment category of the Node Library.
  3. Plug the image into the input port on this node. The node will execute automatically and you can view the result via the 2D and/or 3D Viewport.

Node Reference

Node categoryAdjustment
Node execution styleAutomatic


Input TypeDescription
BitmapThe input image which you want to auto-level.
Output TypeDescription
BitmapThe resulting image produced by the node.