Detect Edges

Node Location: Composition

Summary Description:

Takes an input image and produces a binary output image, with white pixels representing edges in the input image. This output can be used as a mask.



  • The input image


  • Binary output image


  • Tolerance: the threshold for an edge to be detected - higher values let smaller and smaller edges through to the output.

  • Details: the level of blur applied to the input image. Can be used to filter out noise.

  • Thickness: the width of the edge in pixels.

  • Roundness: if the edge forms an angular corner, bevel it out with a pixel radius of the value specified here.

  • Invert: apply the edge detection to the inverse of the image provided.

How to Use Detect Edges:

  1. Connect an input bitmap to the  Detect Edges node.

  2. Execute the node and imbue the result.

UX/UI Example Interaction: