How to upgrade from Artomatix to Unity ID account?

The instructions below are applicable only to the existing users of ArtEngine with an Artomatix account.

We have integrated ArtEngine with Unity Licensing. This means a much easier license management and update process in the future.

To make the transition as seamless as possible, we have created a temporary Unity account for you based on your existing ArtEngine account email address. If that email address is already attached to a Unity account then your seat will be waiting for you. If not, you can simply set up the account and claim your seat. We have detailed instructions on next steps below.

You should still use your existing ArtEngine account for all existing builds but from release 2020.13 onwards the only way to access ArtEngine will be with a Unity ID. You can view more detailed changelogs here.

Instructions to claim your Unity ArtEngine license

Step 1: Setup your Unity ID

Please go to Unity ID and enter your email address (the address you received this email) in the email field. If you already have a Unity ID registered with this email address, please log in with the same password. If you don't remember the password or you don't have an existing Unity ID, please select "Forgot your password" and follow the instructions to reset your password.

Step 2: Check your subscription

Once you are in Unity ID, go to Organizations, click each organization to locate the one that has your ArtEngine Subscription (ArtEngine Add-on / ArtEngine Studio / ArtEngine Enterprise). If this organization is not what your ArtEngine subscription should be bound to, please write to or submit a request to let us know the name of the organization that your ArtEngine subscription should be connected with. We will be more than happy to help you move the subscription to the new organization. 

Step 3: Assign Seats

Once you confirm the organization for your existing ArtEngine subscription, follow the steps below to manage your ArtEngine seats and assign them to your account:

  1.  Make sure you are logged in to your Unity ID.

  2. If you are assigning this seat to yourself or to someone who is already a member of your organization, skip to step 4 in this section.

  3. Go to Organizations to select the organization with ArtEngine subscription, then, Members and Groups. Click on “Add Member”, to add a new user to your org.

  4. Go to Subscriptions and Services.

  5.  Click on “Manage Seats” next to your ArtEngine subscription inside Organisations, then, click the tab, “Manage Seats”.

  6. Click the “+” symbol to select a member and assign a seat.

  7. Optionally, If you would like to turn on auto renewal to avoid work stoppage due to subscription expiration, please go to the "Manage Subscription" tab. You will be prompted to enter a new payment method first to turn on this feature.

Step 4: Download and activate ArtEngine

You can download the latest version of ArtEngine here. Once you have downloaded ArtEngine please follow the steps to activate your new ArtEngine license.

Please note to fully go through all of the steps before proceeding to install the application.