Albedo Generation


The Albedo Generation node aims to remove highlight, shadow, and occlusion information from the input texture. This node is useful for de-lighting purposes, and achieves the best results when it is used in conjunction with other de-lighting and adjustment nodes. For textures where hard shadows are present, the Hard Shadow Removal node might be more useful.


For a quick start with Albedo Generation, follow these steps:

  1. Create an Albedo Generation node on the Node Graph. To do so, move the mouse into the Node Graph, press Space, and choose Albedo Generation. Alternatively, in the Node Library window, navigate to the Material category and drag the Albedo Generation node onto the graph.
  2. Create a Bitmap input to use with the node. You could use an existing Bitmap from the Node Graph, or import a new texture via the Asset Library.
  3. Connect the Bitmap input to the node's input port.
  4. Select the Albedo Generation node by left-clicking it in the Node Graph. The node's properties now display in the Properties window.
  5. (Optional) If you have a Height Map that corresponds to the lit texture you used for input, you can navigate to the Properties window and enable the Use Height Map checkbox. This will add a new input port to the node, where you can optionally connect your height map for better de-lighting results.
  6. Modify the Delight Strength value in the Properties window to change the overall strength of the effect applied by the node.
  7. View the output texture that the node produces in the 2D and/or 3D Viewport.

Node Reference

Node categoryMaterial
Node execution styleAutomatic


Input NameInput TypeDescription
ColorBitmapThe lit color texture from which the Albedo Generation node removes lighting information.
(Optional) HeightBitmapAn optional height map texture which should correspond to the lit texture. It can be used to produce better de-lighting results.
Output TypeDescription
BitmapThe de-lit color texture produced by the node.


Use Height MapEnable this checkbox to add an extra input port to the node, which accepts a height map texture corresponding to the main lit texture input. Though it is not required, using a height map produces better de-lighting results.
Delight StrengthSet a value between 0.1 and 100 to control the overall strength of the de-lighting effect.