Hard Shadow Removal

Node Location: Material


This node will detect the areas of shadow in an input colour map and generate a mask to ultimately remove those areas.

It can be supplemented with the addition of a scanned height map for added accuracy, although there is a known issue where the height map isn't always generating an improved mask.


    • Color Bitmap:
      Node accepts single bitmaps
    • Height Map:
      A baked height map sourced from scans can add accuracy to result

  • Properties:
    • Threshold:
      This slider will adjust the generated mask. Larger values will encompass wider areas of shadow

How to use

 Step by step guide

This node will identify areas of shadow and then remove them from your texture map.

  1. Add colour map containing shaded information to the node graph

  2. [Optional] Add a height map and check on ‘Use Height Map’ in the Hard Shadow Removal node

  3. Connect the maps to their respective ports on the Hard Shadow Removal node

  4. Adjust the threshold slider until reaching a satisfactory mask
    1. Higher values will generate masks encompassing wider areas

  5. Press the Remove Shadows button to execute the node and remove the masked areas.